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Thread: A little help from the zebra

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    Somebody who knows football officiating explain this one to me:

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    LOL wrong place wrong time!
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    I don't think so! The umpire takes three steps to get into position and then gives the QB a shoulder. Looks intentional as h3ll to me! I'm wondering if he had a little money on the game.

    R.I.P. Cyrano and Roxanne.

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    From my understanding, (and bare with me, I've only taken up NFL American style professional football in the last year), the officials are part of the field. With that said, although it does look like the official sets hsi sights on the ball carrier, engages him, drops a shot to his chops, and then stands over the fallen ball carrier, I believe it's merely a case of the official getting caught out in the middle of the action and then reacting as any life long football player/fan would. Great technique by the way.
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    I was watching the game and they showed the replay from an elevated shot. It just didn't look the same as this angle. You can bet Spurrier will make sure that ref dosen't handle any more SC games.
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