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    Recently my wife gave me a set as a gift. After using them I think they are amazing. I believe their best quieting function is the low rumble of a jet engines, but despite the criticsms I've read I've had an excellent experience with them in the office too. I attach them to my iPhone and listen to iTunes or AOLRadio. They eliminate most external noise and the sound quality of the music or lecturer left behind is great. I couldn't be happier or more impressed with them. Does anyone have a pair? What are other opinions out here?

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    I've had a pair for two years now (a gift from my wife) and I only have two problems:

    1. I keep forgetting to turn them off when not in use which is tough on batteries.

    2. They keep winding up attached to other family members' equipment which makes them hard to find when I need them.

    I like the fact that, although subdued, I can still hear people's voices at conversational levels - lets me know if someone is trying to get my attention.

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    Thanks for the reply. I didn't know they've been on the market that long. I don't live in a cave, just used to live in Iowa.

    My wife was worried (knew) I'd forget to shut them off so she picked up the version with the removable/rechargabe battery. I carry everything in my briefcase so I can recharge anytime too. The battery life is about twenty hours so I recharge at my home every T, Th. So far so well.

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    That only solves one problem. The answer to the second problem is probably going to cost me.

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    Default Re: Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

    I got a pair for when I fly. They are super except for Continental flights. I get a clicking sound in the background. That doesn't happen when connected to any other airline audio system. It's not noticable during music or when someone is talking, but if things go quiet, click click click. It doesn't happen anywhere else.

    I just turn down the volume for a the light music and I'm out cold in a matter of minutes.
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