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Thread: Cool tribute to military

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    Default Cool tribute to military

    Leave it to a kid born poor in Isreal to give a cool tribute to the American military. And another thanks to all of you who are serving now or have served before.

    I'm not sure, but is that Joe Perry from Aerosmith on the guitar?

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    This is one I first saw on Cael Sanderson's profile on Facebook... It's pretty intense, but if you're a big military supporter, you'll love it.

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    Tribute to the most forgotten branch. The 5th branch which most people forget exists.

    My youngest step-son has served for 8 years.

    His resume:
    Small boat station in Lexington Park, Maryland.
    Icebreaker in Michigan. (Mackinaw)
    Small boat station in Wilmington, NC.
    Now serving aboard medium endurance cutter Harriet Lane.

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