What's with these world leaders suddenly wanting to bare all... or, at least, bare their chests in public, thereby making it A Major News Story*?

> French President Nicholas Sarkozy seen shirtless in a canoe... with Paris Match performing a bit of photo-liposuction to remove his love handles

> Russian President Vladimir Putin strips to the waist to go fishing

I'm of the opinion that a guy should keep his shirt on in public unless...
> He has a job like lifeguard, swimming instructor, boxer/MMA or other athlete that normally would compete barechested... or works outdoors (or in a hot place): farming, road constructing, steel mill
> He looks like Brad Pitt or one of those guys in "300"

Memo to President Bush: I don't care how buff you may be. Resist the temptation to join the crowd. Keep your shirt on.


* Maybe we're getting this coverage of a lack of coverage because it's August, and not much else is going on in the world of politics.