I will always be a Kansas City Chiefs fan at heart, but if they let Tony Gonzalez go I may go on strike. He's not just a Chief, he is THE Chief. He's been the most consistent Chiefs player for the last decade breaking every major record there is for a tight end to break along the way. He's been to 9 Pro Bowls and is a for sure Hall of Famer, yet it seems the Chiefs are just kind of pushing him to the side this year in there quest to make the Chiefs "younger". I've never really been upset with any personel decision the Chiefs are made but if they do let him go, I will be pretty distraught as a Chiefs fan.
However, being a huge Tony Gonzalez fan, I realize for him maybe it would be the best thing. I've said for the last couple of years that I wish the Chiefs could win a Super Bowl just so Tony G would finally get that ring. So realizing how selfish it would be to keep him in KC for a losing team with no signs of being good any time soon, I suppose I can live with him going to a Super Bowl contender.