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Thread: Can You Believe He Got A Penalty?

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    "As seen on the Ohio high school sports website JJ Huddle, East Liverpool (Ohio) quarterback Marky Thompkins hurdled directly over an upright defender on a quarterback sneak just before heading into the end zone. Markey's acrobatic, mid-air splits might be even more impressive than Lowery's, given the positioning of the defender he leapt over.

    Still, unlike Lowery's play, Thompkins' touchdown was called back, because Ohio High School Athletic Association rules dictate that hurdling a defender who has either one or two feet on the ground is illegal. So, instead of a touchdown, Thompkins got a penalty."

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    Having lived the nightmare of a critically hurt kid (with issues to this day) I can better understand the rules which protects kid/student athletes from themselves.

    Still a cool move though.
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    Agreed (both that it should be illegal and that it's cool) - like the back flip counter to a single leg.
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