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Thread: Top Party/"Stone Cold Sober" Schools

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    "So, what did they do with you if you flunked the breathalyzer? Did they have a drunk tank or did they just send you back out in the street drunk?"

    For the first offense, you were given dorm-room suspension for some period of time - I never was caught, so I don't know the specifics. One of my roommates, who had no alcohol-related transgressions, was placed on dorm room suspension for the entire last semester of his senior year. He had to be in our dorm room from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am. The RA's checked on him quite frequently.

    Unless you were 21 and/or lived with your parents, you weren't allowed to live off-campus - you had to live in the dorms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RYou View Post
    6. Penn State - Ah, but they're Happy drunks......
    ...and thats why they call it Happy Valley.

    ...and now you know the rest of the story.
    Having attended both WVU & PSU-- I'm going to have to say it's pretty close... Except, while @ WVU I definitely saw more bonfires, people laying in the streets & more shoes hanging from telephone wires! (And as Dart said- Kegs R Us!)

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    Mizzou was at the top of this list in the mid/early 90's, and then a high school kid from Columbia died when he snuck into a party, so the school MAJORLY cracked down. It's now a dry campus (though not a dry town) and the parties from my freshman year (97-98) were very different than those of my senior year (00-01.)

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