Well.....does anyone here have any views on the Straight Edge lifestyle/life choice? Living in Salt Lake, Straight Edge is pretty big here.....I myself am SE, and have been for a little while now. It's classified as a gang here. It's unfortunate, because 95/100 of SE kids are good kids. Of course, as there is with every demographic/group, there are a few people who do bad/stupid things, and unfortunately they have made up a negative image for the whole group in a lot of people's eyes. It's a good idea and a great choice(No drugs, no alcohol, no smoking, and promiscuous sex is not encouraged), but because of a few bad apples, it has a negative image with most people. When I tell people that I don't smoke, drink or do drugs at all, and that I keep my pants on, they ask ifI'm mormon, and say what a good kid I am, blah, blah. When I tell them that I'm not,and that I'm straight edge, they normally say something negative or uneducated about it. I don'tknow. What is everyone's view/opinion on it?