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Thread: President Obama unites Los Angeles

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    Default President Obama unites Los Angeles

    There are those who have been concerned that the President seemed to be creating division within the people of the country. At last he has found the formula for consensus: A travelcade through the streets of Los Angeles during commute time. For pure eloquence, I give you the comments of one commuter, as quoted in the LA Times:

    No matter their politics, Los Angeles residents found themselves united. "It was a beautiful thing," said Brentwood resident Myles Berkowitz, commiserating with his neighbors on Montana Avenue. "Young, old, black, white — everyone was pissed off."

    President Obama chose to leave the LA fundraiser by helicopter - avoiding a repeat of the gridlock. I would suspect the LAPD were most appreciative.

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    I've canceled business trips because the PUS was going to be in town. The traffic blockage is a killer and it stays messed for hours afterward. At the airport it's an automatic 2 hour ATC delay.
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