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    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    I think the point is that the player with the most influence on the game(QB) should score more than one with an extremely small role in the game.(defensive player/kicker) You keep asking who had a better game. That isn't relevant in my opinion. Rather who has the bigger influence on the game. I am not saying that quarterbacks in this league may get a few more points than normal but the fact is everybody has one and it depends on how well they play whether or not you win.(like in football)

    Glad you feel it's necessary to attack peoples states to make them feel bad about themselves. Almost as mature as you calling someone "gay." Oh wait, you've done that too. Does your wife know she married an 8th grader?
    So when a QB influences the game poorly they should still score a decent amount of points(ex Favre with 22 points)? That makes a lot of sense. If everyone on your roster scores 20+ points in a week, you are having a GREAT week. Heck if everyone is 15+ points, you will whoop some butt.

    The quarterback in this league gets 3X more points than WR/RB/TEs. The standard of a good day for a QB is 300 yards passing, meaning if your QB in this league has a good day he will score 30 points. The standard for a good day receiving or rushing is 100 yards, meaning they would get 10 points. That is 3X as many points for an equal performance. I could see maybe 1.5x more points or even 2x more points, but 3x is ridiculous and will hurt anyone without a top 5 QB, which is half the league.

    Last week, ONE single player beat one full team and was within 3 points of beating two other teams. Does that tell you how janked the scoring is? Add to that, my team being halfway competitive with only 3 players, hahaha, what a joke, just like you!
    I will smash your face into a car windshield and then take your mother, Dorothy Mantooth, out to a nice seafood dinner and never call her again!

    Tell me about it, this morning, I woke up and I shit a squirrel, but what I can't get is the damn thing is still alive. So now, I've got a shit covered squirrel running around my office and I don't know what to name it.

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    Janked indeed..
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    For all the ribbing I received on draft day I've managed to: Run one guy out of the league, go 3-0, and I believe scored the most points. It's early, but i'll take it.
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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