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Thread: Floyd Mayweather.

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    Default Floyd Mayweather.

    I'm not a huge boxing fan, but his attitude/antics are pretty annoying. You can't say you're the greatest of all time and not fight the best out there.

    I don't know about all the details of this fight, but he needs to concede these minor details and just fight the dude. Boxing is close enough to irrelevant without the two best fighters not fighting each other over miniscule issues that maybe are created just so he could avoid the fight.(seems plausible to me)

    I look and almost hope for boxing to be pretty much wiped out before too long.

    Any boxing fans care to describe what is going on that this fight cannot happen?
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    Last I heard Mayweather wanted Manny to submit to Olympic type drug testing. Manny claims it is against his religion, I think. But he has passed every test that boxing normally gives. There art probably money issues, too, but I think it was about the testing. At least it was before. Don't know much more than that, but I will watch it at BW3 if it happens.

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    Manny and his camp pretty much gave in to the very very strict drug testing (not exactly what Floyd was looking for but very close). Manny was agaist blood being taken right before the fight because he thought it drained his energy. Manny has agreed to split the money 50/50 with Mayweather.

    Right now it looks like Mayweather is living large after his huge payday with Mosley. I would be very surprised if this fight happened. Mayweather looks be ducking Manny and coming up with excuses not to fight. He has a very big ego and the undefeated record is very important to him. Look at the people he has fought versus the people Manny fought. They have some similiar opponents but for the most part it was Manny who has fought the tougher competion. The Mayweather camp really protects that record.

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    I do like mma better than boxing, but I would watch that fight. Has Vegas put any speculative odds on it? If so, it would probably be worth just putting money on the underdog because I think anyone could win this fight.

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    If it wasn't for Manny i think boxing would be on it's last legs, but he has brought in a lot of new fans to the sport. I also love watching MMA!!! I am not sure on the odds but this would be a great fight if it ever happens.

    I think Floyd would have to fight more aggressive than he has in the past to pull it off and he has shown that he can be the aggressor in some fights. Damn it would be fun to watch. I actually stayed at the same hotel and saw Manny Pacqiuo when i was in Manila. He is much bigger (wider not taller) than he looks on TV.

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