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    Rory Mcilroy starts off -9 and Tiger is still out there on 14 at -6 tied with...Jon Daly(and his paisley pants)!?

    Should be an interesting tournament with some super low scores it would seem.
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    Tigger finishes at -5. Mickelson is 1 under through 2, and Goosen is 2 under through 2 (same group). They said there was very little wind, which could lead to some pretty low scores, but DAMN Rory McIlroy!
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    Rory McIlroy-9
    Daly -6
    The Woody -5
    Lefty +1
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    Unless Tiger can get comfortable with his putter he will continue to struggle. Of course in majors with Tiger, struggling is a relative term...... takes fourth twice and he is "struggling".
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