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Thread: Perseid Meteor Shower

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    Default Perseid Meteor Shower

    Did anyone else waste good sleep time rising in the early AM for the annual Perseid meteor shower bust ? every year is rise early for the two big days of the showere and every year it is an absolute bust.
    No kidding, one meteor over an hour and a half before I bagged the idea. I can't believe I got up Saturday AM for more punishment.

    ....and every year I say "Never again."

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    Default Re: Perseid Meteor Shower

    Are you saying you take a shower once a year?

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    Default Re: Perseid Meteor Shower

    I stood outside for few minutes late in the evening and gave up.

    But, I agree.

    Every year you see a story how this year will be the best in last "X" number of years and its always a bust.

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