O.K., skipping over the usual "it's a balmy day in beautiful Southern California" stuff (which was, in fact, true) today was a WONDERFUL day at work. Yesterday, before I came on shift, there was a riot at the school - over 100 wards fighting (black on brown). So when I got to work we were on institutional lockdown. No one allowed out of their cell. We gave them their dinners in their cells. They came out two at a time to shower. Other than having to listen to them b1tch - it was a really easy shift. The only downer was that I had to do the paperwork for locking them down which kept me at the computer for almost the whole shift.
Today I get to my unit and miricle of miricles, we are still on lockdown! We spent about 2 hours giving showers, then fed them in their rooms. At the end of the evening we let those who were not involved in the fight itself out to the dayroom for one hour of rec time. (One hour each, the black group and the hispanic group). Rec time was very subdued. And no paper work!
Tomorrow they will begin relaxing some of the structure to see what happens, but Wed and Thurs are my weekend, so by the time I get back the hard part of getting back into the routine should be over. A beautiful day! I think I will spend a few minutes with the Rev. Jack (Daniels) in quiet contemplation of how good life can be.