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Discuss Athletes who've wasted the most talent at the Non Wrestling Talk within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Marcus never was comparable to Michael. I covered them both in high school. The only ...
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    Default Re: Athletes who've wasted the most talent

    Marcus never was comparable to Michael. I covered them both in high school. The only comparison back then was the name.

    Michael wasn't comparable to Ronald Curry in high school. Curry, by far, was the best high school football player I've ever seen.

    Ismail took the money and ran up to Canada... would have been the #1 pick, but skipped up to play for Toronto and the team half-owned by Wayne Gretsky, John Candy and some other big spender ... his name escapes me.

    Bos was more a bust in the pros, but remember, in our sport, we can compare HS to College, whereas the others, we generally go college to the pros.

    Somewhat apples and oranges, but point taken.

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    Default Re: Athletes who've wasted the most talent

    "3. Darryl Strawberry -- Doc and Straw were supposed to be linked as legends rather than cautionary tales, but that's not the way things worked out. Blessed with a sweet and powerful lefthanded stroke that had led some scouts to dub him the "Black Ted Williams," he hit 280 home runs before his 30th birthday but finished with just 335 as he battled problems ranging from drug addiction to colon cancer."

    ...add he still owes the IRS over $500,000.

    If you re-arrange the question to - Athletes with the most wasted talent.....Shoeless Joe Jackson must at the top of the list. I've read alot about the 1919 scandal and I'm convinced Shoeless Joe took a hit he didn't deserve.

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