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    1927: Babe Ruth hits his 60th. home run off Tom Zachary of the Washington Senators.

    1972: Roberto Clemente hits a double off John Matlack of the NY Mets, his 3000th. and last hit, dying in a plane crash during the off season.

    1992: Goerge Brett collects his 3000th. hit against the Angels.

    1995: Albert Belle hits his 50th. home run to become the only player in history to have 50 home runs and 50 double in the same season.

    2007: The NY Mets blow a 7 game lead with 17 games to play to miss the playoffs.

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    Adios Amigo

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    The Chicago White Sox knock the Minnesota Twins out of the playoff race. *grumble*
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    Jim Thome proves age is just a # and that nice guys can win . Thome , the 13th round draft pick of the cleveland Indians -was told he was too small to play major league baseball-so he phoned his dad and swore he would duble the workout routine the Indians gave him -541 homeruns later he and the WS are headed to the next round .
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