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Thread: Daughter of hate cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed is a POLE DANCER

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    Default Daughter of hate cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed is a POLE DANCER

    Poles Apart

    Published: 26 Sep 2008

    THE daughter of hate cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed is a POLE DANCER, The Sun can reveal.

    Busty Yasmin Fostok, 27, leads a secret life after rebelling against her fanatical Muslim dad ? who rants against Western ?depravity?.

    She has performed in London pole dancing bars and gyrated half-naked in cages at club nights.

    And she admitted: ?I?m willing to go topless if the venue is right.?

    Yasmin, a party-loving girl who quit the family home in North London four years ago, added: ?I don?t get on with my dad.?

    Bakri, 50 ? in Lebanon after being kicked out of Britain ? told The Sun: ?I am deeply shocked.?

    Bakri is a Muslim preacher of hate who wants all women to be covered from head to toe.

    His daughter loves partying, happily poses for raunchy topless photos and is described by a lover as ?very adventurous in bed?.

    He hailed the 9/11 terrorists as the ?Magnificent 19?.

    His daughter says: ?I don?t agree with his views ? I just get on with my life and that?s it.?

    The two worlds of bile-spouting Omar Bakri Mohammed and his sexy daughter Yasmin could hardly be more different.

    Today The Sun can reveal how busty Yasmin has turned her BACK on her father?s fundamentalist teachings to flash her FRONT in men?s clubs.

    link to full story -

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    Default Re: Daughter of hate cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed is a POLE DANCER


    "Bakri would have a heart attack if he saw his daughter on stage. She was brought up a strict Muslim and had all of his extreme teachings about morality drummed into her head. But she has been leading a wild double life thrashing about on stage in pole dancing clubs and drinking and partying like there's no tomorrow. Yasmin has no time for Bakri's evil views."

    — Fostok's friend

    "His views are nothing to do with me. I am an adult, my own person. I am an individual. I do my business and he does his."

    — Fostok on her father, Bakri

    "If she has done these things she will be judged on Judgment Day. But God will forgive her anything except becoming a non-Muslim."

    — Bakri on his daughter's pole dancing

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