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    I may have found a job for you:,1242829.story

    He represented clients all over the country: a Colorado woman accused in a murder-for-hire scheme against her husband, a Minnesota man facing child pornography charges and a hockey player convicted of trying to kill his agent.

    In his free time, Howard O. Kieffer answered questions from anxious relatives of prisoners and other attorneys -- how to access medical care and which federal facilities were preferable for sex offenders.

    Once active in Orange County politics, Kieffer now billed himself on his company website as an expert on the U.S. Bureau of Prisons and a respected advisor on plea bargain agreements and post-conviction issues. Now it turns out his knowledge may have been gained not from law school, but from the years he spent in federal prison.

    R.I.P. Cyrano and Roxanne.

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    MR-I am too old to catch another beef and this guy got caught so I sure as hell would -that movie they spoke of 'Catch me if you can'' -Decaprio's character was a genius who passed the bar w/out going to law school and flew planes w/out flight school-ran beautiful check kiting schemes for years andwhen they caught him the FBI put him to work for them rather then imprison him -if I were as bright as that guy I'd give it a whiri'm intelligent , just not THAT intelligent.

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