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    Anybody on here get the last issue of the W.I.N. Magazine they'd be willing to send me? My buddy is on the cover of it and his mom is wanting it. I'd pay for it and the shipping.
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    Have her call WIN to get a free copy. I did it when my picture was in it and they sent me a free copy. And don't lie, we know you don't have friends.
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    Stiffy, try this....

    right click on the photo, it should give a menu that says "Save Picture As" on it. If you have a memory stick, save the pic to the stick. Take the stick to the local photoshop and have them print the pic for you in high quality. Heck you should be able to have them print poster size. If they can't, save it to your hardrive. Go to print it in any number of ways...they can even print a US stamp or that poster size for you with the pic.

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    I'm assuming your friend is the one in blue??

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    We can all hope...
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    haha yes he's in the blue. thanks for the help.
    Curtis Chenoweth
    wannabe national champ headed to a new home:walkman:

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