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    I can't stress enough how horrible the Saints passing defence was against Denver. How many times did they let Marshall catch the ball? How many times did they let Cutler make a complete pass every possesion? Their passing defence sucks so bad. We would have won the game if the cornerbacks had done their jobs. Don't even get me started on Jason David. Why the hell doesn't Payton bench that azzhole. He's horrible! Saints need some serious work. I can see Matt Ryan and the Falcons kicking our azz when we meet together.

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    To be fair, Cutler and Marshall have shredded all of their opponents this season (Marshall missed the first game). In fact, the Chargers are supposed to have an elite defense, and Marshall had one of the most productive games as a receiver in NFL history against San Diego.
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    their passing defense sucked too.
    but then again, i may be retarded

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