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    Did anyone watch the first episode of the new CBS nighttime game show, "The Power of 10"? Hosted by Cleveland comedian Drew Carey, it's vaguely reminiscent of "Who Wants To Be A Millionnaire?" but much less intense. "Power of 10" doesn't require encyclopedic knowledge on the part of contestants, but a sense of what Americans are thinking/doing. Questions are based on polling of Americans, asking questions about attitudes and behavior: "What percentage of American women have paid more than $100 for a pair of jeans?" "What percentage of Americans think they're smarter than President George W Bush?" Contestants must guess the correct percentage within a given range to win.

    It's a fun game show, with plenty of fodder for discussing at the water cooler or dinner table. It'll be on again Wednesday evening on CBS...

    Anyone else see it? If so, whadya think?

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    I saw it, and I love these gameshows typically, but I honestly thought this one was horrible. I had it Tivo'd and didn't even watch the entire show (did see the kid win a million though, which was cool). It just seems like a big guessing game.

    Oh, and the $100 pair of jeans question was for Americans in general, not just women. I'd shoot myself before spending $100 on jeans FWIW.
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    Default Re: Power of 10

    After the Super Bowl I totally ignore ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox until the NCAA football season resumes in August. They just don't have anything to offer.

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