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Discuss Bonds 756!!!!!!!!!!!!oh Yeah!!!!!!!!! at the Non Wrestling Talk within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by RYou The question is....... would the celebration have been the same had ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by RYou View Post
    The question is....... would the celebration have been the same had he hit it in San Diego ?
    Brother RU,
    Of course it wouldn't have been the same, SD is not his home park. Why would you even ask that? When Aaron hit #714 (in Cincinnati I believe), he had a polite, but certainly not wildly celebratory response and, as in SD with Barry, the Reds refused to halt the game. I wonder why people around the country are surprised/angry about the level of joy that the vast majority of SF fans had at the game when the record was broken. SF fans (at least Giant and 49er fans) have always been among the most supportive of the home town players (unless you are Armando Benitez or T.O. in his last season). Barry may come across as a jerk (especially to the media, but if you watched the press conference after 756 and heard idiotic questions like "If Greg Anderson is watching the game, what do you have to say to him?" That kind of question could make Ghandi flip the middle finger and stomp out of the room in a huff!) but he is OUR jerk and we love him .

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    Obviously the home town owner is going to pump the situation 2 levels over any other ball park. But in the case of Bonds, I think the SF fans tend to be a little more, no a lot more accepting of bands because he's their homer. There is no question they gave Bonds the game after no. 755 to assure no 756 was tagged at homew where there would no celebratory questions.

    Any other ballpark and the crowd would have reacted with a signficantly lower level of glee. We may even have seen that ball come back onto the field. (Save smart guys from NYC).

    This thought may induce you to come wailing back at me, but right now, I think Pete Rose the player, is more deserving of the HoF title than Bonds.

    Until there is total exoneration, Barry Bonds will never receive the respect the title MLB Home Run King deserves and he has only himself of fault for that omission.

    I have totally ignored major league baseball for 30 years because of Steinbrenner's antics with Billy Martin and Yogi. It is most unfortunate that a soiled Bonds has restoked that interest. You won't find any bigger ARod fan right now. I count the days to the moment he erases this fiasco from the record books.

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