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Thread: Would You Pay $900 To Wrestle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Champ Kind View Post
    I'm not saying a private school is that cheap. But footing $900 for the priviledge of playing sports, I mind as well send my kid to a private school for a couple thousand more. I could see maybe $50 a sport or something fairly reasonable like that, but $900 is quite a big chunk of change.

    I know that the tuition at a nearby private school is over $7000 a year.....that's way more than a "couple of thousand more". I know it cost over $200 for my son to play football this year at a school with plenty of money.

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    Default Re: Would You Pay $900 To Wrestle?

    Quote Originally Posted by ideamark View Post
    Would you pay $900 a year to wrestle... or play football... or go out for any other sport?

    Would you pay $350 to be on the debate team?

    Would you pay $90 to be in the choir, or marching band?

    Middletown (Ohio) school district lost a school levy this evening... so, to make up a $7 million deficit, will cut bus service, and charge students to participate in extra-curricular activities. Basically, the proposed fee structure is: $900 per student who wants to play sports... $350 for any student who's a member of an "academic club/organization"... and $90 per student who wants to be involved in band, choral group or drama club.

    My heart goes out to these kids and their parents. I've got to think a number of students will have to give up the benefits of extra-curriculars because the family doesn't have the money. (Sadly, Middletown is just getting over a year-long strike at its largest employer, so I can imagine money's too tight to mention in a lot of households.)

    Any thoughts?
    I guess I have a few questions about this. I this worse than not offering it all? The prices are ridiculous yes, but I am happy they didn't look to just cutting the sports.

    What they really need is better booster clubs.
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