In Martinsville ,In. a 10 year old boy was slapped by a 36 yr. police veteran and Tasered by his partner , an officer with 3 years experience .
The police were called by Day Care Staff who could not control a 94 pound boy who was having either a seizure or just throwing a tantrum . Either way-2 grown men decided slapping the boy across the face and then tasering him was the best plan of action .
The 10 year old was a foster child who had been a guest of the DCS-a scaled down version of prison . However , that DOES NOT give the police the right to use violence-the Senior officer also omitted the ''slapping'' from his official report .
This action does NOT surprise me -the reaction of the locals DOES-they SUPPORT the police in this action .
What would ANY of you do if you received a phone call saying your son was being detained because he was slapped and TASERED at Day Care ?
This young man has NO one who will ever care .