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Thread: Ohio high school: Notre Dame recruit died in Fla.

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    Default Re: Ohio high school: Notre Dame recruit died in Fla.

    I live in Cincinnati, and from the reporting here, Matt's parents were NOT in Panama City. The reports indicate there were about a half-dozen chaperones for about 40 young people.

    The story is heartbreaking for so many reasons. This was a young man who had accomplished much, and seemed to have so much in front of him...

    Seems like so many stories of kids who have no realization of the fragility of life. The same week, we had a serious car wreck involving hill-hopping... and a fatal involving a girl who though she could outrun a school bus but lost.


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    Default Re: Ohio high school: Notre Dame recruit died in Fla.

    Quote Originally Posted by RYou View Post
    Maybe you misunderstood. It's pretty obvious the parents were not staying in the same rooms as the kids. Since isn't a school trip where everyone dines together. The kids are on their own. It's pretty common on these trips. Why are the parents there? I don't know, because they don't have any control.
    I guess I too don't know what the parents are doing there, if they're not in some sort of chaperone role. Because these kids haven't graduated yet they're still legally considered minors in most cases, even if they're 18.

    I wonder if some of the parents who didn't go (Matt James' parents included) knew that their kids would not be supervised in any way?

    Hopefully tragic events like this will make some parents think twice before sending their child off to a trip like this. Panama City is no place for a high school kid during spring break. I can speak from experience.

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