I got ditched by a chica tonight so I'm just chillin at the computer listening to Metallica's newest album death magnetic and disposing of a case of coor's light. I think it's a great album. My 2 favorite songs for now are The Unforgiven III and The Day that Never Comes. I didn't like The Unforgiven III at first because the bass guitar sounded kinda cheesy but after really listening to it the lyrics are awesome. The Day that Never Comes was awesome the first time I heard it though. It's kind of a mix between One and St. Anger with an awesome solo and and it has an awesome music video. I'm glad they got rid of that wierd snare drum from St. Anger and went a little old school on this album. They brought back their guitar solos (which are second to none in my book), and the whole album is hard in your face and kick your ass kind of music. This will definitely be added to my wrestling music. I'd recommend this album to any rock fan.

The Day that Never Comes music video:

The Unforgiven III: