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  • Michigan ?

    2 13.33%
  • Ohio State ?

    7 46.67%
  • UCLA ?

    5 33.33%
  • Rutgers ?

    1 6.67%
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Thread: Who Was Uglier This Week?

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    My vote goes to tOSU.

    Once again they were out coached. Our defensive coordinator sucks and Tressle can't see that. From Day one I was not a Tressle fan. He is not an elite D-1 coach. The year they won the NC game it was his D-cordinator that won it for him.

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    Honestly, who didn't see OSU getting blown out? Everyone I talked to figured they'd get theirs handed to them, and they did.
    You do the math..... I'll do the alfredo!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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    I think ohio state was the ugliest because they were a top 5 team and they got whooped.

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    Ohio State was disappointing for a true "Buckeye" fan. But, who didn't know it was coming with Beanie out?

    Michigan was supposed to be up and coming with their highly recruited new coach and has fallen flat on their face. 2 loses in 3 games. Especially with the showing that Notre Dame had last year.

    All around it was a diasappointing weekend in college football!

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