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Thread: Aspergers Test

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    Default Aspergers Test

    From Andrew

    "Are you really smart, arrogant beyond measure, [who] tends to be an a-hole or otherwise impossible to converse with in a normal way"?

    Anyone on these boards resemble that description?

    That could indicate Aspergers Syndrome, or high functioning autism. Here is an on-line test:
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    29 here, probably mainly because I don't like meeting new people, and would prefer to go to a library than wake up with a splitting headache.. although recently, I find myself with a headache more than I do a library book...

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    Yeah, I got a 32, which is borderline, but not really surprising to me. It explains a lot, actually.

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    Default Re: Aspergers Test

    16. Dude, I'm a chick.

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    My attention to detail has always been fairly good.

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    Lucky 7 for me! I'm not sure what this means - maybe being a creative type is pretty much the opposite of this.
    "All my life I have tried to pluck a thistle and plant a flower wherever the flower would grow in thought and mind." -- Abraham Lincoln

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    My attention to detail requires me to type more than 10 letters in this response.

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    18 Average man

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    I didn't have the patience to finish the test.

    What does that tell me about myself????

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