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Thread: We could use your prayers. . .

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    Default We could use your prayers. . .

    My wife (Kara) went to the doctor today for a pre-op (scheduled C-section next Monday) and for her prenatal checkup. The doc saw some stuff he didn't like so he took the baby today, HE (our second boy, though the first one passed away just after birth) was born at 36 weeks and a couple of days, but only weighed 3 pounds 7 ounces, and though he's doing well he's in the NICU--the same NICU our first born (Curt Danger Lanthorn) was in when he passed away. My wife is an hour away in Colfax and I'm in Spokane with the baby, and I'll probably be here for several weeks, they won't let him eat any real food for 5-6 days. Everything looks good for now but with his size and the fact he wasn't getting nutrition for several weeks we're not out of the woods yet.
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    Good Luck and congrats on the baby. I will be praying for you and your family.
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    Snackem - I don't pray, but you will be in my thoughts frequently for the next few days until you can give us more news. My twins were 10 weeks early, and weighed 3 lbs 10 and 2 lbs 6. Neonatal Intensive Care staff are the very best!
    The next few days will be the toughest. After 4 or 5 days the doctors will have a pretty good picture of what you are up against. What happened with us was, every couple of days the doc would come in and say, "Well, we don't have to worry about . . . ." My reaction was usually, "Wait, I was supposed to be worrying about that?"
    Our babies didn't come out of the hospital until pretty close to their "due date". It takes a while for them to get big enough and strong enough.
    One suggestion, take it for what it is worth - your wife needs you now more than the baby does. The baby is in the hands of experts, and they are not going to give you a lot of time with him. Your wife will need you to be as strong as you have ever been. She is separated from her baby. That was a HUGE problem for my wife when the twins were in NICU and she was in recovery. Love her, and protect her. Medical staff can get kind of weird - she might need a buffer between her and officious doctors, nurses, technitions, etc. (We have some funny stories about my reactions to hospital staff, and the reputation I developed around the hospital!)
    By the way - this "slow start" (3/7) doesn't mean much - both of my twin daughters are healthy, bright, beautiful girls. The "big" one (3/10) was a three-time California High School state champion wrestler. The "little" one (2/6) has a figure similar to Marilyn Monroe and took up belly dancing instead of wrestling. Go figure.
    All of my family will have you in our thoughts, and are fervently hoping for nothing but good news.

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    Default Re: We could use your prayers. . .

    Praying for a quick release from the hospital. Congratulations on your new son.

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    Hang in there bro.

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    Default Re: We could use your prayers. . .

    I'll be thinking of you and hoping that everything turns out well.
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    Good luck Snackem. The NICU is the best place for him right now, stay positive.

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    Default Re: We could use your prayers. . .

    Your son will be in my thoughts and prayers. Best wishes to you and your family.

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    Let me join in with my thoughts and prayers for all the best for your little boy, your wife, and yourself.

    Best wishes

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