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Big, I first bought into a 401K in 1991, and I've been putting more money into the market every two weeks. I didn't pour my life's savings into the market on the day that Bush was elected. With a 401K, you buy when the market is going up, and you buy when it is going down. Over the last 100 years (or whatever) the market has been a very good long-term investment, so I'm not concerned with daily swings.

The bond market is a different issue in the short term, as it affects payments to retirees, as well as those sucker-bet adjustable rate mortgages.
Yeah but the last 100 years technology development skyrocketed. I don't see as much meaningful technological advances in the future unless its in space technology. Most people don't need a lot of technology we already have.

Also, oil was abundant and now it is becoming scarce and expensive. Unless another fuel reveals itself, the growth will have to slow down throughout the world.