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Thread: D2 college picks

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    Default D2 college picks

    If you want to do these you can.
    New Hampshiere vs Villanova
    Appalachian St. vs Richmond
    Stephen Austin vs Montana
    William and Mary vs Southern Ill. (5 POINT BONUS GAME)

    and put alltogether score next to the team

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    Default Re: D2 college picks

    Villanova 46 points total
    App. st 62 points total
    Montana 52 points total
    William Mary 36 points total

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    Default Re: D2 college picks

    Villanova 44
    Richmond 60
    Montana 58
    W&M 40
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    Default Re: D2 college picks

    Villanova 36
    Appalachian St. 42
    Montana 48
    Southern Ill 54
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    Default Re: D2 college picks

    Thanks guys

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    Default Re: D2 college picks

    Sorry, I would have played but I saw it to late.
    I am 49, bald, ugly, and don't own a single cool thing. Kids like me though.

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    Default Re: D2 college picks

    The winner of this week was me. I was 4 for 4 MHS189 and RYou tied for 2nd with 3 points next week we will do d2 or d3

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