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Discuss NCAA Football Pool Week 10 Results at the Non Wrestling Talk within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Week 10 was not kind to our players, but SGallan and Ms. Stardust were sharp ...
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    Default NCAA Football Pool Week 10 Results

    Week 10 was not kind to our players, but SGallan and Ms. Stardust were sharp enough to foresee a few of the upsets, hitting 6 of the 10 games and take the Jimmy the Greek of the Week title for week No. 10. This is the first title for Ms. Stardust and the 3rd title for SGallan. SG's. 3rd title ties Gage for most titles so far.

    DumDum was the only player to pick up a point off the Stanford upset of Oregon since the game was at home. Surprisingly, only 4 players had Ohio State over Penn State - akin, RD149-2, Ms. Stardust and SGallan. akin, RD149-2, mhs189 and UGLY had Illinois over Minnesota.

    SGallan moves into the top position for the season championship leading Gage by 4 points. Gallan is our first player to reach 100 points. Big Stiffy and Zapp Brannigan are within striking distance.

    Jimmy the Greek for Week 10
    SGallan 10
    Stardust 10
    Akin 8
    RD149-2 7
    Dum Dum 6
    CB 5
    Gripsnhips 5
    HuskerDu 5
    mhs189 5
    nywrestler4life 5
    Big Stiffy 4
    Champ Kind 4
    Drooke 4
    Gage 4
    Jake T 4
    JensenS 4
    ViceGrip 4
    Zapp Brannigan 4
    RYou 4
    therick 4
    Trusty 4
    tpay 3
    Viratas 3
    Horatio 2
    UGLY 2

    Season Championship Leaders
    SGallan 100
    Gage 96
    Big Stiffy 86
    Zapp Brannigan 84
    RYou 81
    Stardust 81
    CB 80
    Drooke 78
    Jake T 78
    JensenS 78
    mhs189 77
    Akin 76
    tpay 76
    therick 74
    Champ Kind 74
    UGLY 73
    Gripsnhips 71
    Dum Dum 70
    Trusty 69
    nywrestler4life 66
    ViceGrip 65
    RD149-2 64
    HuskerDu 59
    Viratas 52
    Horatio 19

    Jimmy the Greek for Week Champs
    Week 1
    Big Stiffy (1)

    Week 2
    Gage (1)
    Stephen VonVesthell
    Zapp Brannigan (1)

    Week 3
    Champ Kind

    Week 4
    Gage (2)

    Week 5
    Zapp Brannigan (2)

    Week 6

    Week 7
    Jake T (1)
    JensenS (2)
    SGallan (2)

    Week 8
    Gage (3)
    Drooke (2)

    Week 9
    Jake T (2)
    Big Stiffy (2)

    Week 10
    SGallan (3)
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    Default Re: NCAA Football Pool Week 10 Results

    I feel that I can die happy now... in all these years of doing this I've never won a week

    PLUS Carolina beat Dook so all in all a happy weekend...
    Super 32 Challenge - October 26-27, 2013

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