I was falsely imprisoned 4 years ago-I am dealing with that as best I can-however Social Security is with holding money from my dis-ability check because of this incident -I cannot get anyone in the DOC to admit I was ever incarcerated so how can SS with hold money for an event that they say never happened ?
I have been to the ACLU/ICLU and they told me to get in line because Marion county falsely imprisons more people then any other place in America .
I am out of ideas and open to suggestions -I cannot buy a job since the one felony I have is considered violent-intimidation-I told the cop to take his hands off me or I would break his arm .
I am currently living on $530.00 a month plus food stamps . Strangely I am as happy as I have ever been -I could definitely use the 147 dollars a month they are with holding though .
Any suggestions ? Legal Aid will not help and no attorney will take on the DOC.