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Thread: Lost Luggage at Phoenix Sky Harbor??

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    Default Lost Luggage at Phoenix Sky Harbor??

    PHOENIX -- Phoenix police have arrested two people accused of stealing about 1,000 bags from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport passengers, authorities said.
    According to an overnight report from the Phoenix Police Department, Keith King, 62, and Stacy Legg-King, 38, were arrested on burglary charges after officers discovered the bags during an investigation into luggage theft from Sky Harbor.

    It appears that this couple have stolen over 1000 pieces of luggage from Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. I have traveled through this airport a number of times since my son and his family live there and I visit as often as I can, but have always had to wait for my bag and golf clubs at the belt. Just wondering if anybody has had any problems with LOST luggage there.

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    I have flown out of Phoenix for years and usually about 10-15 times per year and I have never had a problem. However a friend of mine have had their luggage stolen/lost two different times!!!

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    I flew in and out of Phoenix about a month ago and glad to say my bags made it through.
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