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Discuss NCAA Football Pool Week 8 Results at the Non Wrestling Talk within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I don't know where Gage bought the crystal ball he is using is, but it's ...
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    Default NCAA Football Pool Week 8 Results

    I don't know where Gage bought the crystal ball he is using is, but it's good one as he takes his 3rd Jimmy the Greek title for the season. Drooke and therick tied Gage for the title with 13 points, 9 out 10 correct. Drooke, who took home his 2nd Jimmy title, was actually a perfect 9 for 9, but got to the poll too late missing the North Carolina v Florida State game, otherwise he may have been our first perfect picker of the year. CB and mhs189 just missed with 12 points.

    Gage slipped ahead of SGallan this week as the latter opted for loser BYU. Gage now commands has a 6 point lead over the pack half way through the regular season.

    Jimmy the Greek for Week 8
    Drooke 13
    Gage 13
    therick 13
    CB 12
    mhs189 12
    HuskerDu 11
    Jake T 11
    Stardust 11
    ViceGrip 11
    Akin 10
    nywrestler4life 8
    RYou 8
    SGallan 8
    Big Stiffy 7
    Champ Kind 7
    JensenS 7
    tpay 7
    Trusty 7
    Zapp Brannigan 7
    Horatio 6
    UGLY 6
    Dum Dum 6
    Viratas 4

    Season Championship Leaders
    Gage 86
    SGallan 80
    CB 71
    RYou 71
    Big Stiffy 70
    Zapp Brannigan 69
    Drooke 68
    JensenS 68
    tpay 68
    mhs189 66
    Akin 62
    Jake T 62
    Champ Kind 60
    Gripsnhips 60
    therick 60
    Stardust 60
    UGLY 60
    nywrestler4life 55
    Trusty 55
    Dum Dum 54
    RD149-2 53
    HuskerDu 51
    ViceGrip 50
    Stephen Von Vesthell 45
    Viratas 42
    vaisforlovers 39
    Horatio 6

    Jimmy Champs
    Week 1
    Big Stiffy

    Week 2
    Gage (1)
    Stephen VonVesthell
    Zapp Brannigan (1)

    Week 3
    Champ Kind

    Week 4
    Gage (2)

    Week 5
    Zapp Brannigan (2)

    Week 6

    Week 7
    Jake T
    JensenS (2)
    SGallan (2)

    Week 8
    Gage (3)
    Drooke (2)
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    Default Re: NCAA Football Pool Week 8 Results

    wow I finally had a decent week. Made my picks at the last minute from the coliseum as I was setting up for the tournament. I guess this tells me I shouldn't try to overthink it every week
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    Default Re: NCAA Football Pool Week 8 Results

    exactly i wait till friday nite unless it is a thursday nite pick em

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