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Thread: Hit Me with Your Best Shot

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    It's a long way from East Colorado

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    I've heard the 50 mile thing before. It doesn't seem unreasonable, although mobility may be easier than it was 50 years ago or even 25 years ago so perhaps the "50 mile" figure could be dated. Someone put together a list of my high school classes addresses at a reunion a number of years ago. As I recall, it wasn't out of line with the above. Demographers would know this. Maybe the Urban Institute or the Census Bureau or someone has looked at this.

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    I live 2500 miles from where I was born, but I have two kids at home, and my wife lives within 50 miles of where she was born.

    So, 3 out of 4 of us do live within 50 miles of birthplace. It's the kids that throw the equation out of whack.

    Nice trivia question.

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