Just thought that I'd take the time to show some of you what I've been up to this summer. My self and three friends went to Mt Adams and "climbed" to the top. It really is more of a hike that a climb, we had ice axes and crampons but didn't need the ice axes except for the glissade down and we didn't even wear the crampons after the first day.

The climb can easily be done in one day with an alpine start if you are in reasonable shape--I was not--so we decided to spend the night at a "flat" spot called Lunch Counter 9000ft. You start at about 5600 feet the first day, and stay on a very well marked and maintained trail until you reach the base of the crescent glacier where you have two choices, put on crampons and climb the glacier (there are no crevases) or walk around it. Once on top of the glacier you another large and wide glacier to cross. This one is fairly flat but quite wide. After this glacier you arrive at "Lunch Counter" which is where we set up camp for the night.

We left camp at about 4:15 AM and climbed up the south face. We chose to stay on the rocks and not on the glaciers--which is the most popular route up--because I was the slowest member of our team and I had an easier time walking on rocks than I did on the snow and Ice with crampons on. Once we reached Pikers Peak or the false summit the true summit came into view. With just one more seep ascent we were sitting at the top of Mt Adams: 12,276.

Our route from the trailhead to just below the Crescent Glacier

Looking up the Crescent Glacier
I'm putting a crampon back on, it gets incredibly steep the farther up you go.

Snowfield above the Crescent Glacier

Lunch Counter looking up at the false summit.

From Lunch Counter to the False Summit

The South Summit to the summit

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