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Thread: Ohio State ties USC over 30 minutes!

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    I believe the sound decision is to punt and allow your defense to hold field position. After all, they have been doing a tremendous job thus far and why allow the opponent out of the shadow of their own end zone? But what do I know, I'm not a 3 time NCAA division 1 coach of the year making millions to make those decisions.
    Lets go Brent!

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    Default Re: Ohio State ties USC over 30 minutes!

    actually, I think that was Tressel's thoughts at well. I'm just of the opinion that you should never pass up the quality chance to score. Especially when your lead is less than 7. But, then again, I too am not a D1 coach with multiple BCS bowl wins, a BCS title win, and a few D-II titles. I'm just a fan that's tired of seeing the team lose games in the final minutes after the offense hasn't done crap all game.

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    As an OSU and Bengals fan, this was a very deflating weekend. Both teams' defenses played fantastically for their entirety of their respective games only to be let down by offenses which, for whatever reason, had trouble putting points on the board.

    Even without much offensive productivity, the Bucks would have won if they just didn't squander opportunities. Very sad..

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