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    I just found out that the agency I work for, which serves children and youth at risk, is shutting down, which means that I'm out of a job and a lot of kids need to find new places to work or go to school. I have no real reason for posting this other than to vent so thank you guys for listening,

    ( if anyone wants to know specifics please PM me)

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    It sucks indeed. My prayers to you and your family... and to those who you serve, who desparately need your agency's services.


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    Sorry to hear that, hopefully you and the others will be able to find something else sooner rather than later.
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    I was a victim of downsizing last year and it is tough to deal with. I found another job at about half the pay but when your use to living a certain way and then you are out a job and drawing unemployment it sucks! good luck to you and the kids and familys you help.

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    I am sorry to hear that....i have been part of two downsizings and it sucks. I wish you all the luck in finding something soon.

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    Arm-Spin, sorry dude, good luck with everything.

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    Too bad. For you and for the kids who need you.
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    Thanks for the well wishes guys, it means a lot to me.

    Now it looks like our government, after public pressure, agreed to support my organization in a smaller capacity. Looks like I will get to keep my job, and the kids will get some stability, but I feel for those friends of mine who do get downsized (and the kids we won't be able to help now, as there is less space for them.)

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