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Thread: Week 1 NCAA Pool Results

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    Default Week 1 NCAA Pool Results

    Bouyed by the Miami upset win over Florida State, Akin and Big Stiffy tied for the Week 1 Jimmy the Greek title. Both hit 8 of 10 and the bonus game. Once again Big Stiffy is off the hot start. Let's see if those prognostication skills hold up under his wrestling workouts. mhs189 also hit 8 of 10 but missed with the bonus 5 taking FSU.

    Trusty was the only one game enough to pick BYU over Oklahoma.

    Holding true to form, Jimmy the (notta) Gent was in the toilet with 3 wins.

    Jimmy the Greek of Week 1
    Akin 12
    Big Stiffy 12
    Gripnhips 11
    Gage 10
    mhs189 8
    SGallan 8
    Dart Shark 7
    RYou 7
    CB 7
    therick 7
    Tight Waist 7
    tpay 7
    Trusty 7
    Amberhjons 6
    Stardust 6
    Veritas 6
    Champ Kind 5
    HuskerDu 5
    JensenS 5
    UGLY 5
    Zapp Branigan 5

    Dum Dum A/K/A Jimmy the (notta) Gent 3
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    Default Re: Week 1 NCAA Pool Results

    And true to my form, I start the season off in the relative (Jimmy doesn't count...) cellar.

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    Default Re: Week 1 NCAA Pool Results

    Sitting in 3rd
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