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Thread: Any Nano-Reef Aquarists?

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    Default Any Nano-Reef Aquarists?

    We're going to take the plunge and give it a try. Anyone actively running one now or anyone with experience willing to share some advice to help flatten our learning curve? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Any Nano-Reef Aquarists?

    My understanding is that they are a great workout. You get to do that high-rep wallet curl. What size tank are you going with?
    Good Luck!

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    Default Re: Any Nano-Reef Aquarists?

    It's a niche hobby, suggest checking into any local clubs.
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    Default Re: Any Nano-Reef Aquarists?

    I have experience with freshwater, but never salt water.

    The rule of thumb is the larger the aquarium, the more room for error.

    Nano-tanks sound like they need more precision/attention? Just my hunch.

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    As we continue to research, plan and visit our LFS, we are considering switching from nano to a regular reef. Originally we were leaning toward a 14g Biocube but now thinking of a much larger Red Sea Max or CADLights.

    It seems the more we try to learn the more questions we generate.

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    Did you pull the trigger yet?

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