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Discuss 94 points???? at the Non Wrestling Talk within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I know times are changing and all , but when was the last time 2 ...
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    Default 94 points????

    I know times are changing and all , but when was the last time 2 top 20 teams scored 94 points . Did defense become illegal ?

    When i coached football we drilled defense 90% of the time and I actually wrote a PAPER IN COLLEGE advising the rules committee to widen the field by 5 yards or offense would disappear completely due to the enormous change in the players' size . This was 30 some years ago when no one -not even USC could run a sweep effectively -

    Missouri 52 #6
    Illinois-- 42 #20

    They did not pass that much either -relative to Texas Tech's 530 +plus yards. Everyone forget to tackle ?

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    Default Re: 94 points????

    thus the reason why college football has become so exciting to watch because points are being scored. And the reason why college wrestling has become so boring because of the lack of points being scored.

    Fans want to see points on the board.

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