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Thread: I am a bit upset by this article . . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccbig View Post
    Is there a current piece of legislation that I could ask my Congressman & Senators support to address this issue?
    H.R. 6462 introduced by Congressman Dennis Cardoza, titled the
    "Jose Rivera Correctional Officers Protection Act".

    There probably will be other legislation introduced (will keep you updated). We are also looking into requesting potential Congressional Inquiries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M Richardson View Post
    Correctional Officer's Dad - thank you for your posts. I will look up your site. Please wish your son a quick recovery for me. He will be in my thoughts.
    M Richardson - Thank you, my son's attack occurred Sep 07. He had a couple of surgeries, mouth wired shut, then off work about 3 months. So he's back to work. He's trying for a transfer out of the US Penitentiary, to what's called a FCI (Federal Correctional Institution). A little bit less "dangerous" supposedly.

    Shortly after his attack, an officer at USP Atwater was held hostage, then shortly after that, an attempted hostage situation with an officer, then shortly after that, numerous assaults on staff, then of course, the ultimate tragedy ... Officer Rivera's murder. So the writing was on the wall.

    The officers recognize an inherent risk, working at a prison. But what they are not willing to do anymore, is take on that risk, without safety equipment and better manning.

    Of course, it's no better at any of the other facilities. Here's a small example: Keep in mind, none of these officers have protective equipment, or non-lethal weapons to protect themselves, i.e., OC (pepper spray), asp, baton or taser.


    I'm so **********! Mad right now. How can these people who run our joint let this happen? I understand I work in a USP, but please do something. These inmates are GONE and out of control, they don't care what they do to us. My Buddy almost got beat to death last night. USP 2 needed to be locked down after Friday, when an Officer received a broken nose because he didn't unlock the inmate fast enough. On Saturday with the Rovers, they removed about 80 Gallons of wine, from the units. On Monday night my good friend, while trying to remove a bag of wine from a drunken inmate got attacked. Then he got jumped from behind by another inmate. The inmates worked him over real bad. The responding Officer from the other side got a concussion from getting kicked in the head while trying to help. The inmate who attacked him from behind said he was going to kill him.

    USP- BIG SANDY, AUGUST 17, 2008

    At approximately 5:00 pm, a fight broke out on the Rec. Yard. The disturbance was gang related. 2 inmates sustained life- threatening injuries. They are both in the hospital on life support. The institution was placed on lockdown.

    USP-LEE, AUGUST 7, 2008

    Inmate gang related disturbance, weapons used. Live round fire was used by Tower Officers to prevent the loss of life. No staff injuries. Over twenty inmate manufactured weapons initially found and confiscated shortly after the disturbance was contained. Institution placed on lockdown.


    Five staff members were assaulted in Unit **. The Lt. called for more staff to respond to the unit. The institution was placed on Lockdown!!!


    A major riot almost broke out in the low. Two groups (gang related) chased each other around on the Rec. yard. One group ran into the Modular unit and grabbed the pool sticks off the tables, broke them, with the intent of using them for weapons. The institution was locked down and visiting was suspended.


    Institution was placed on lockdown following a major incident on the recreation yard. At approximately 8:00 am, two inmates were involved in a fight in Unit **. Following this incident, an incident broke out on the recreation yard at 8:17 am, involving multiple inmates w/weapons. Approximately 80 inmates were involved. At 8:19am, additional assistance was requested from the FCI. DCT & SORT teams were also activated. A tower officer fired nine less lethal munitions. No live ammunition was fired. A Lt. pulled staff back until firearms and munitions were available. Staff then responded to the incident with lethal and less lethal weapons. As staff were removing involved inmates from the area, another fight broke out on a different section of the recreation yard involving Unit ** inmates. Nine ambulances responded to the institution, which led to the news media showing up shortly thereafter. Nine inmates were taken to the local hospital for treatment of stab wounds. Five of the nine inmates remain at the local hospital, with one inmate in critical condition. Another twenty inmates were placed in the SHU. The institution hospital looked like a MASH unit, with bloody inmates all over the place. Thankfully, no staff were injured. The incident was precipitated by an incident that occurred on Saturday, August 2nd, in which an intoxicated inmate entered into a housing unit & became involved in a dispute with two other inmates. The two inmates beat him almost to death. He remains in ICU at the local hospital with a skull fracture, broken jaw, & other injuries. The Sunday incident was apparently retaliation for the Saturday incident.


    *At 6:40am, an inmate fight broke out behind a Unit in the Corridor with weapons. Responding staff broke up the
    fight with no staff hurt.

    *At 4:55pm, an inmate assaulted an Officer by walking into his office and slapping him across the face, The officer hit his Body Alarm and responding staff attempted to lock the inmate in his cell, in which it took 15 minutes to lock the inmate back into the cell due to not wanting to go to the cell. It was intense and we almost lost the unit. The unit is locked down and will be coming up tomorrow.

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    Default Re: I am a bit upset by this article . . . .

    The fed joint in terre haute has always been a bitch -they have one lifer who was found guilty of a 'reservation' murder -it turned out to be a frame up but the inmate killed another inmate in a knife fight so now he is doing life for being framed -it was back in the 70's whn the nations were getting together and the trail of tears and Bury my heart at wounded knee were real popular -this man was a special forces ranger and was set up by the FBI-now he will never see day light again -how would you like to march this man to chow ? What does he have to lose ?Why shouldn't he kill everyone within reach ?

    Notice the words Lockdown alot ?Those cause more trouble than anything -you lay on your bunk face down 12 hours a day with your hands behind your head -this just breeds more animosity and hatred -punish everyone because of 2 assholes -not smart .

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