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Discuss BMI for athletes at the Non Wrestling Talk within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I'm trying to get into some sort of shape rather than pear -I walk 3-5 ...
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    Default BMI for athletes

    I'm trying to get into some sort of shape rather than pear -I walk 3-5 miles a day and do what exercises I can -but each BMI indicator puts me in the Jaba the Hut category -I mean hell -
    i weighed 230 with 12% body fat 15 years ago when competing in powerlifting tournaments -now they say I should weigh 183 at most -I haven't weighed that since high school-i had trouble making 185 in college and that was well before I started lifting seriously -I am not winded when I get home from my walks but i don't want to overdue it 11 weeks after surgery so i stop .

    Anyone else out there have this problem ? I feel in decent shape and my BP and cholesterol and stuff are ok -yet i couldn't get down to 183 w/out amputating something .

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    Default Re: BMI for athletes

    BMI is a prett worthless measure of body composition, especially if you have any sort of muscle mass.
    There's no such thing as a pretty good aligator wrestler.

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    Default Re: BMI for athletes

    According to BMI, Arnold Schwartzenegger is "obese" (this coming from someone who really is obese - me).

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