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Thread: Jay Mariotti resigns

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    Default Jay Mariotti resigns

    He said that he is worried about the future of newspapers, and is convinced that the future of news is online. Um, duh:,1339701.story

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    It's a happy day for Chicago sports fans. I don't suppose he's going to be considerate enough to remove himself from my television set, too?

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    Default Re: Jay Mariotti resigns

    "convinced that the future of news is online"

    Not entirely correct. There remain far too many times where paper is the only way to go. Us old farts still like to hold the paper in hand and I ain't about to try an read my news from some teeny screen.

    Online is only needed for stuff the isn't national or far too specific to be found in the local paper.
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    I read the Chicago Tribune online, national sports online, niche sports online, etc. The only time I pick up a paper is when I'm at my parents' house, and my friends act similarly when it comes to news. We're in our late twenties, so that's definitely the future. The Sun-Times and Tribune are both cutting jobs and pages printed, so they know it, too.

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    I'm old, but I guess I'm something of a hybrid. I still subscribe to the Cincinnati Enquirer, and read it in its traditional format. I like the portability of a printed newspaper, and find it much more user-friendly than their website.

    That said, I truly appreciate the ability to read distant newspapers online, esp those that cover wrestling well, such as the Iowa City Press-Citizen and Des Moines Register, and student papers at the wrestling powers (The O'Colly, etc)

    Why are traditional newspapers dying? I think it's a perfect storm of factors: Younger consumers who are very comfortable getting their news online, and didn't grow up with a tradition of reading a printed newspaper. Increased prices for newsprint and ink. Skyrocketing delivery costs. Plunging ad revenues.* Consolidation of media control. And, a very different mindset of those who own newspapers. Gone are the days of the "benevolent" family that ran a paper as a mission to inform their neighbors, profit be damned... now it's "What can we do to boost stock price? Increase revenue?" To achieve that goal, now it's about lowering costs, using more material from other sources (more wire service copy, more "synergistic relationships" with local TV stations, more corporate press releases presented as news), getting rid of specialized beat writers in favor of generalists who write about whatever today's assignment is.

    As someone with a journalism degree from one of the nation's great programs, it really saddens me. But... it's happening.


    *Think about how many local department stores there once were in your city, each placing multiple ads in the paper every day. In Cincinnati, we once had four. Now we have one... and it's Macy's. My first job was writing ads in a Cleveland store. We knew that we were one of the "major engines" that supported the Plain Dealer and the Press. Well, May Company is gone, and the Press folded.

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    Default Re: Jay Mariotti resigns

    Mark, I don't think journalism has to die just because it won't be read on paper any more. There are some amazing writers who can only be found online. Magazines are also not having the same problems as newspapers, so plenty of long-form journalism can be found on paper. I would cry if Gary Smith wasn't available through SI.

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    The way the kindle sells through amazon I'd have to say books are long for this world either.

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