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    I found the fiirst video posted on another website and it's well worth watching. Then I came across the second one which may not be as good as the first, but still excellent.

    What Do Teachers Really Make?

    The Impotence of Proofreading

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    LOL, Pretty cool Brother PM,
    My wife stood up and cheered at the conclusion of the first monologue! This should be played at the 1st teachers meeting in August every school year.

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    Good morning, Brother Morris!

    I have been out of town a great deal this summer so I apologize for not having kept in better touch. I've had the opportunity to discover a few very fine restaurants, however. How have you been? How's your mobility and how are you spending your time at home?

    I still have a package for you from Beijing. I've been carrying it with me in my suitcase the whole summer lying to myself that I will drop it into the post office the next day. I'm sorry for not having done so yet. I promise to drop it tomorrow!

    Take care.


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