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Discuss Time to give back! at the Non Wrestling Talk within the Wrestling Talk Forums; We need to step up and support "Wrestling Matt" and give back for all that ...
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    Default Time to give back!

    We need to step up and support "Wrestling Matt" and give back for all that he gives us,

    Read up on the epilepsy walk/stroll and lend your support in any way you can!

    Hi everyone,

    It?s that time of year again, time for Team Kassy to come together and
    walk/support the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota at the 2007 Minnesota
    Stroll for Epilepsy. This year?s walk takes place Thursday, Aug. 2 at
    Lake Phalen in St. Paul ? the same location as last year.

    We had a great turnout last year and are very thankful for the support
    everyone showed. We are looking forward to supporting this great cause
    again this year and hope you can be a part of it as well. All proceeds
    from this event benefit research and programs through the Epilepsy
    Foundation of Minnesota.

    About Kassandra Jo Krumrie
    Kassy is a 6 and a half-year-old girl who has cerebral palsy and
    epilepsy. Kassy will be entering first grade this fall, and is still fighting
    the battle against epilepsy. She takes four different medications
    twice a day to control her seizures, some days are good, some days are not
    so good. While the medication has helped, it has also hurt her ability
    to learn in other areas, since the side effects of the medication do
    affect her greatly. She has some days where she has two or three
    seizures, and others where she has anywhere from up to 15-20 a day. It?s
    certainly hard on her and really has a profound effect on her life. That's
    why we ask you to please join together with us to help Kassy and others
    dealing with epilepsy fight this by participating in this event.

    To contribute please go to Kassy's personal Web page:

    Don't forget to forward this to anyone else who you think might want to
    be a part of this great event! Thanks very much for your support, it
    means a lot.

    Best Wishes,

    Matt, Kristen and Kassy

    *** About donating online ***

    It's very easy to support Matt online - just go to their page at the
    following web address and click "Give Now"

    Web Address:

    It takes a matter of minutes, is totally secure and you can leave a
    message with your donation too.

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    Default Re: Time to give back!

    Time to give back!

    I never took anything......

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    Default Re: Time to give back!

    Quote Originally Posted by Big View Post
    Time to give back!

    I never took anything......
    Much has been given to you.

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    Default Re: Time to give back!


    How about all the times when you were in high school that Griff Powell and I took turns beating on you to help make you better. You can give back to Matt's cause for that.

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