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Thread: I know how to keep America fit and healthy

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    This is definitely one of your best ideas big. When I'm president, remind me to make you part of my staff. I think those that would have the biggest problem with it however are those unhealthy lazy members of congress. Chances are they'd throw their "weight" around to make sure it didn't pass.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big View Post
    We need to set up a chart based on age, gender, and weight and set up some standards for running a mile, for squatting and benching certain weights.

    Whoever takes the test and passes the standard according to his age and weight can receive generous TAX CUTS. Similar tax cuts that Mr. Bush provided to the wealthy. This would motivate people to exercise more to pass the test. Its like they would get paid for exercising.

    Meantime these healthier Americans would not need as much medication and other medical care and America would save lots of money that way.

    Also, to create even more incventive, those that don't take the test or fail it miserably would be taxed considerably more.

    Of course, people with specific medical conditions would be excluded from these tests. Only people that are considered to be able to stay healthy and strong would be included in these tax programs.

    Also, to make it even more interesting, those people that can surpass the minimal norm for tax cuts can receive even more tax cuts by fulfilling a higher norm. This would give an incentive to those that stay superfit and strong.

    People would be tested every 2 years at local high schools and colleges where they live.

    What do you all think?
    Great Idea if they are willing to allow the testing to be 24 hours a day to accomodate for those that work other shifts than normal ones.
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    Default Re: I know how to keep America fit and healthy

    "People would be tested every 2 years .....and colleges where they live."

    Hey Big, just imagine what you tuition and tax burden would have been back in those days....LOL

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