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Thread: The "Maine" problem with the all star game

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    Default The "Maine" problem with the all star game

    Despite being 10-4 and a 2.71 era John Maine of the NY Mets was not selected to the NL all star team while Brandon Webb who is 8-6 with a 3.27 era and Ray Oswalt with a 3.52 era get to go to San Fran.This travesty of justice just goes to show that no matter how many times they change the format for the all star selection it still remains to some degree a popularity contest and that some of the best are still not getting their just due. What player or players from your area do you feel did not get picked?

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    Default Re: The "Maine" problem with the all star game

    I'm a huge Mets fan so you know I agree. Brandon Webb??? I mean....cmon...
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    I'm not sure I would call it a travesty, but there are always some questionable selections and notable omissions.

    From Colorado, I think the selections were fair. Holliday and Fuentes (notwithstanding his one week melt down) deserved to go. I can't think of anyone that was slighted from here. One could argue Kaz Matsui, but I expect the other second basemen are having good years too.

    From other teams, Edgar Renteria and Jason Isringhausen weren't selected, and both are having All-Star like years. And how do you keep Ryan Howard off such a team?

    In the American League, how was Manny Ramirez deserving? I can't wait for him to retire. Many say Orlando Cabrera (SS LAL) was slighted, and it looks like they're right.
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    Allowing fans to vote for All-Star teams or similar always has its problems...

    In wrestling, you need look no further than the NCAA 75th Anniversary Team selections. There were very worthy wrestlers of the past who were not honored, due mostly, I think, to the ignorance of fans who don't know anything about the great wrestlers before their time. (Tho some fans might argue that an "average" wrestler of today trumps a superstar of the 1930s or 50s.) The folks that put the 75th Anniversary team selection process together TRIED to avoid problems by having wrestling writers and historians create a basic list of candidates from which the general public could select... but, perhaps, the experts should've had more say-so in the final selections.


    PS To see who I think was overlooked, read my article at RevWrestling:

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    There will never be a perfect way to pick all-stars. If only media picked, there would definitely be an East Coast bias. (And as a Midwesterner who is always amazed at the bias, I'm having trouble feeling bad for Maine.) If it were players and coaches deciding, it would still be a popularity contest. Maybe the average fan isn't as all-knowing, but I don't think that current system is a travesty, especially when the coaches get their say on reserves.

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