I went to Akron, OH over the weekend to photograph the UMMAXX 7: Out of the Cage event. Below are the results and photos if anyone wants to check them out.

While half the fighters were from Ohio, the event drew competitors from all over the US including NJ, NY, NC, IL, KY, FL, KS, AZ, and MS.

For those of you who have been watching this season of TUF, Rob Browning (Junie's brother) made his professional debut at UMMAXX 7 and was victorious by 1st round submission (armbar). Jason Dent, the fighter who beat Rob to get into the house, was also in attendance, but as a coach and not a fighter.

  • Photo Gallery - Click here for 300 photos from UMMAXX 7
  • 155 lbs: Keith Richardson def Dustin Bedford (Submission, Rear Naked Choke, 1:34 Round 1)
  • 185 lbs: Josh Clark def John Buck (KO, 1:28 Round 1)
  • 145: Chad Reidmiller def Harley Leimbach (TKO, 1:44 Round 1)
  • Super Heavyweight: Bobby Favors def John Brown (Unanimous decision)
  • 149 lbs: Robbie Browning def Ryan Thompson (Submission, Armbar, 3:12 Round 1)
  • 155 lbs: Marc Steven def Joe Manzello (TKO, :11 Round 2)
  • 170 lbs: Brian Keller def Brian King (Submission, Armbar, 3:51 Round 1)
  • 170 lbs: Tom Gallicchio def Marcus Ajian (Submission, Triangle Choke, 2:08 Round 1)
  • 145 lbs: Donny Walker def Brad Fonck (TKO, :32 Round 1)
  • 205 lbs: Adriel Villa def Terry Cohen (Submission, Armbar, 2:42 Round 1)
  • 185 lbs: Mitch Whitesel def Dwayne Compton (TKO, 4:24 Round 1)
  • 155 lbs: Justin Moore def Shane Hutchison (KO, 2:13 Round 1)